We've some creative uses for umbrellas in Japan before, whether it be martial arts, admiring traditional styles, and of course the now infamous umbrellas that allow you look up an anime girl's skirt. Japanese creative lab and agency PARTY, however, is now embracing a new trend of 360-degree photography by offering a service that allows you to decorate the interior of your umbrella with your own 360-degree photos in gorgeous quality.


Source: Panorella

The Panorella service allows users to upload their own 360-degree photography, which are then used to turn the roof of your umbrella into a beautiful picture of your choosing. This means that even on the gloomiest of rainy days, you can surround yourself with your favorite travel spot, relaxing scenery, or even pictures of your best buddies. And if you don't have any particular photos you want to use, but like the aesthetic, you can choose from professional photography provided on the site.


Source: Panorella


Source: Panorella

The umbrellas are custom made to your order, and because they are made by expert craftsmen, require a month before they can ship. This also explains the 14,800 yen ($144.87 USD) price tag. While the site is in Japanese, it is fairly easy to navigate once you select hit the first button next to the umbrella at the top of the page here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.