Having your note book get wet in the rain or be the victim of a bad spill can ruin a student or worker's day. After all, nobody wants to carry around a soaking and soggy bundle of paper. But no worries, a simple life hack from Japanese children's arist @nohana_haluka can help restore your wet note book to the dry condition you got it in from the bookstore.

You might think a hairdryer would do the trick, but not everyone carries that around and it could cause wrinkles.

Here is what you need to do in 2 miracle steps!

Slip in a piece of paper between each page that got wet.

Set a heavy object or objects, like the books featured here, on top of the note book and exchanged the now wet papers you slid in the notebook with dry ones. This will absorb the water in a cycle of papers.

Few moments later...

A dry and crisp note book with no wrinkles.

You can likely use this method with books of similar density and size, but spills of liquids other than water would probably be too much to handle.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.