Whether you are a fan of Pokemon or not, these are some astonishingly cute and charming designs. They are called the Poke Ball Terrariums, and make it look like being caught inside a Pokeball might not be the worst of things for a Pokemon.

Texas-based artist Lauren creates these majestically unseen Pokeball Terrarium. There are little Dratinis, Chairzards, Evees, and Pikachus, living under the crystal glass in a crystal glass environment.

Actually, Lauren wasn’t aware that her Poke Ball Terrariums would be such a hit and sell out so quickly after she uploaded the picture on Etsy. The stock is continually completely wiped out, making it hard to catch up on orders. Currently, she is busy refilling more of them before Christmas. And if anyone is a Pokemon fan or has a friend who likes Pokemon, be sure to keep an eye on it right here!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.