With a nostalgia-fueled run around the world, it's no surprise that now is a good time to be in the market for Pikachu goods. Even before the recent craze, we've seen Pikachu-themed lingerie and other fashion goods before. Now shoe brand Esperanza is bringing the electrifying Pokemon's charm to your feet, with a Pikachu-themed collection of heels and shoes.

The Pikachu series of footwear called the Esperanza Pikachu Collection includes three types of low heeled shoes and one high heel entry with a Pikachu tail motif. While the shocking bright yellow shine may seem a bit gaudy, the low-heel and Pikachu print variations come with cutesy Pikachu illustrations that cater to those looking for a more casual look.

High Heels



Low Heels

The high heel Pika-shoes sell for 12,744 yen ($123.22 USD), while all other types sell for 9,612 yen ($92.94) at Esperanza's online shop. If you order the Pikachu Pumps, you'll also get the very cool looking Pokeball shoe box. They've been taking reservations online since Otober 3rd, but over the counter at Esperanza retail shops will begin mid-October. To our current knowledge, these are a domestic Japanese release.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.