You may know manga artist Yoshimura Takuya from his work in Young Jump magazine, or his beautiful tree drawing tutorial. If trees aren't exciting enough a subject for you, don't fret--the artist has compiled several 2-minute instructional videos for aspiring artists. Text and instructions appear in Japanese, but even without knowledge of the language you should be able to follow his strokes and technique. If anything, you'll be left wondering how he went from nothing to something expertly drawn in such a short amount of time!

Arm drawing tips.

Hair drawing tips.

Girl drawing tips.

Arm drawing tips.

Suit drawing tips.

Hand drawing tips.

Hot dude drawing tips.

Dress shirt drawing tips.

Folded arms and extra detail drawing tips.

While we can't all make it look as easy as a pro, be sure to follow Yoshimura on Twitter, and even on his instructional YouTube channel.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.