If you haven’t found your favorite cat carrier, this may be it.

This high-spec pet backpack is mainly designed for carrying cats or dogs. With the spaceship window design cover attached (or “view ports” in sci-fi terms), your cat is able to look around mother earth in 360 degrees, as if its riding a feline spaceship. Japanese Twitter user @GoyonoS posted this video showing off the backpack in use, complete with a cat.

This is the first reaction of a cat being packed inside the futuristic pet backpack. As you can tell by her adorable small face, she was shocked and a little intimidated, but perhaps in a good way of being being able to look around in wonder as opposed to being tucked in a regular cat carrier.

To the cat, who may have been used to a regular carrier, perhaps this is the feline equivalent of putting on a VR set. The spaceship style pet backpack sells at 5,599 yen one Amazon. It is light weight and has holes to let the passenger breathe, of course. While we are sure some still feel uncomfortable with this type of arrangement, this video at least lets you know what it is like in use.




By - grape Japan editorial staff.