Japanese online retailer Felissimo is the country's go-to for quirky and cute cat accessories and feline decorations, but every once in a while they get very creative in the clothing department. Now they're reviving an old favorite with new designs--bra and panties sets modeled after different breeds of cats.

The lingerie set promises to let those who wear it turn into three different types of cats, with British Short Hair, Siamese, and Norwegian Forest Cat models. The three designs vary in color and style based on the type of cat, and come with a little attachable tail to tie your feline bedroom-wear together.

British Short Hair

Norwegian Forest Cat


If you missed out on their previous three entries in the series, here is a recap of three more kitty designs that sport a fluffy choker as well.

Scottish Fold


Source: Felissimo

Russian Blue


Source: Felissimo



Source: Felissimo


Source: Felissimo


Source: Felissimo

While Felissimo normally ships domestically in Japan, their international online store has all designs available. They are priced according to cup size, however, so sizes A-D are 4,204 yen ($40.52 USD), but if you're a big titty kitty (I'm so sorry, I had to write that once I thought it up), sizes E-G cost 4,528 yen ($43.54 USD). As with most Felissimo goods, a portion of the bill will go toward prevention services for overbreeding of cats, as well as assistance towards cats displaced by natural disaster.

Some closeups are available below.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.