We've seen Japanese social media users take to Twitter before to celebrate makeshift holidays in rather revealing ways, but now a more interactive trend is spreading on Twitter even in Korea, inspired by a web-serialized manga and anime called Getsuyoubi no Tawawa. Appropriately, it is called the Tawawa Challenge, and it consists of setting your cell phone on your breasts and seeing if you can keep it there.

The inspiration comes from the female lead of the series, who can successfully place and hold her cellphone on her chest. Despite news of the series being recently deleted from NBC Entertainment Japan's official YouTube channel for violating content policy, people all over Twitter have turned mimicking the breast-phone-balancing challenge into a social media meme. Some are saying Korean fans started it, but the challenge has well surpassed borders.

Obviously a great majority of these are of the more racy variety, as you can see below, but there are also some people having fun making light of it.


Hatsune Miku isn't so well equipped for this.

Guys gotta try too.

No phone? Just use Piccolo!

Although this happens a lot.

The King.

Using the hashtag #タワワチャレンジ in Japanese or #타와와_챌린지 in Korean, you can view more actual attempts and parodies on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.