The adorable Pikachu now needs a nap because winter is coming. This unique, small sleeping bag is specially designed to help him through the winter to stay warm and electric.

The sleeping bag is 9.8 inches in length, and has a zipper going down the front.

Depending on what your Pikachu likes, there are a variety of colorful designs from which to choose their favorite!

For example, this blue sea color Lapras sleeping bag.

Or these Charizard and Gengar sleeping bags.

They even have Cubone, Eevee, and Togepi too!

Unfortunately, these Pikachu sleeping bag plushies are not for purchase, and are instead available through a popular Japanese lottery called Ichiban Kuji. It can be played at Pokémon Center megastores or arcades, as well as video rental chain Tsutaya and bookstores. Pikachu inside the Pikachu sleeping bag is the rarest prize, followed by the Lapras. But there's also another, fitting prize for the very last person to participate in the lottery...

The Slowpoke sleeping bag.

The Pikachu Nebukuro Collection Ichiban Kuji will begin on November 5th. Make sure to save your luck for this electrifying lottery!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.