KitKat Japan has invented hundreds of original flavors, enough to open up a KitKat Museum in Japan last month. Now, they've come out with another one-of-a-kind mouthwatering flavor that we wouldn't have imagined to mix so perfectly with the popular chocolate bar.

Collaborating with Takatsudo, a momiji-manju store based in Hiroshima with over 100 years of history, KitKat Japan recently introduced their new Momiji-Manju flavored KitKat. Takatsudo is especially known for their soft, home-baked dough and deliciously made red bean paste wrapped in elegant maple leaf-shaped cakes, and KitKat has quite brilliantly managed to reenact the rich yet delicate flavors.

The Momiiji-Manju KitKat can be purchased now, in a pack of 5 for 350 yen (3.35 USD) or a 12 pack for 800 yen (7.70 USD). You'll love this blend of chocolaty sweetness and red beans, topped off with an elegant maple leaf symbol.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.