Unlike some other countries, the general recruiting process and interviews for companies in Japan can take quite a while. Even in the case of all relevant info being exchanged, interviewers will often think up scenarios to really test your interests and critical thinking skills. Some say “a Japanese interview is same as marriage.”

But in reality, it's hard to focus for that long. A large amount of practice is needed in order to cut through the interview.

And recently, a Kyoto University student @chanaaaaly(not pictured) posted this picture of an "interview practice" to harden one's mentality against the long ass interview process.

Set 7 o'clock meeting on the riverside.

To calm your spirit, the best way is to make yourself one with nature.

Even if this ends up being a gag, much like meditating under a waterfall, grilling yourself with the elements can help you fight through the mundane trials of life.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.