If watching the entire Star Wars series from the beginning doesn’t already make you feel like a kid again, maybe these Millennium Falcon and X-34 Landspeeder lunch plates will. Racing through galactic space right to your kitchen table, you won’t be seeing Han Solo of Luke Skywalker walking out of these spaceships, but you will see them filled with your favorite meal.

Millennium Falcon Lunch Plate

35 centimeters in length, the plate on the Millennium Falcon is divided into 3 compartments. It looks like a kids’ plate for adults!


Source: Kotobukiya

X-34 Landspeeder Lunch Plate

This oblong spaceship carries a plate with 2 compartments, and is 28 centimeters long.


Source: Kotobukiya

Both lunch plates will be available from Kotobukiya starting November. The Millennium Falcon plate can be purchased for 3,900 yen (37.50 USD), while the Landspeeder can be purchased for 3,600 yen (35 USD). Plates on both spaceships are removable and washable, so you’ll have no trouble keeping your beloved eating dish nice and clean.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.