With an anime as captivating as the Evangelion series, it's only fitting to wear your love for it loud and proud. And it turns out that hardcore fans will be able to do just that, with Full Graphic Evangelion Kimonos designed and created by the collaborative efforts of Tokyo Otaku Mode and historical dyeing companies and tailors.

The Full Graphic Evangelion Kimono Project will make history as the first ever production of Evangelion-themed traditional Japanese garments. However, the project is not yet in full throttle; they've released images of 6 possible Evangelion-themed designs to adorn the body and sleeves of furisode, a popular type of kimono that has been worn by women for over 700 years. From the 6 designs, fans will vote for one design to ultimately be produced. The 6 designs are as follows, and feature memorable scenes from Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, incorporating the main characters and their representative colors:

Each kimono will be carefully created by skilled kimono artisans, and will utilize the methods of high quality digital dyeing techniques to achieve the bright, brilliant colors. They will then be transported to a local tailor in Hiroshima Prefecture for the finishing touches, finally giving it the overall traditional aesthetic beauty characteristic of every kimono.

Though made with the utmost consideration, the kimonos will be machine washable in a laundry net, and the size will be versatile enough to fit women from sizes S-XL. The Evangelion kimonos will be available for purchase worldwide, but only 100 will be produced, so fans will need to act quick to grab one for their own.

You can head over to the project page to cast your vote for the best design. You can participate in the survey until October 31st, with results to be announced in mid-November. Purchased kimonos are scheduled to be shipped in January 2017, and we can't think of a better piece of clothing to kick off the new year with!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.