You may remember Wazigen Shizukuya, a fashion brand from Kyoto which strives to make traditional Japanese clothing more appealing as modern day fashion. They've done this in the past, specifically with the goal of recreating samurai clothing with 100% leather hakama, traditional pants worn over a kimono, in an impressive 10th anniversary collection of badass Japanese clothing. Now they are releasing a 2016 Autumn Collection, featuring heavier and thicker garments to warmly carry you into the approaching Winter, looking like a stylish samurai as a bonus.


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Wazigen Shizukuya has made traditional Japanese clothing inspired by pop culture icons such as Godzilla and James Bond before, and while they've gone back to some basics with their Autumn lineup, it's just as bold and striking as any of those.

Promoted as the standout of the lineup is this jet black and red striped kosode kimono, with an imposing Sith Lord-esque quality to it. Made from polyester, it's said to be heavy enough to guard through the cooler weather, but billowy enough to let your body breath. The shiny black top is 45,000 yen, while the wool hakama are priced at 45,000 yen.


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Easily the most gaudy and regal of the collection is this shining champagne gold outfit, which is also split into a 45,000 yen top and 40,000 yen hakama, which are made from a special shape-memory material that adjusts to your figure instead of creasing easily. The short-sleeved top also features detailed family crests on its interior.

Despite being an Autumn series, the kimono tops are short-sleeved, so when the weather gets chillier it would help to have some extra cover-up. Wazigen Shizukuya is providing that in style with a couple of different options, including this mesh jacket that can be easily draped over your kimono like a mysterious cape. At 75,000 yen, you're paying extra for style points.


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Another outerwear option is this mage-like robe with draping sleeves made from stereoscopic 3D material, which gives its honeycomb structure a bit of an optical illusion bonus. It's also priced at 75,000 yen.


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Perhaps the most modern-looking entry is this wool cloak, which is just as imposing as the centerpiece kimono but also has a sense of class to it that pairs with non-traditional Japanese clothing as well.

The full lineup can be viewed at Wazigen Shizukuya's website, which features many different styles of kimono, hakama, and outerwear. To our knowledge online ordering is not available at this point, and instead these expensive but fashionable items are sold at their Kyoto store.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.