Though we may not hear about Neko Atsume as much as we used to, fans of the charming game still continue to collect fish to expand or remodel their yards, and collect new goodies to attract all the cats. But if you’ve been neglecting to head out to the yard to greet the visiting felines, you might consider making a real life Neko Atsume yard at home instead with these 4 new Neko Atsume goods from Petio.

Petio has previously released adorable goods including cardboard houses and kick toys found in the cat collecting game, but now they've come out with more toys for your cats that are both found in and inspired by Neko Atsume.

You can shower your cats with gifts like Cat Hats,

Which will turn your cats into Tubbs, Peaches, or Pepper (or all of the above).


Source: Petio

Cushions complete with adorable chin rests,

They’ll give your cats companionship as Peaches, Snowball, and Pepper.


Source: Petio

Everyone’s favorite Sheep Cushion,

The head even tilts up like in the game!


Source: Petio

And the Tent Pyramid!

A classic Neko Atsume favorite.


Source: Petio

The Cat Hats are 1,279 yen (12.30 USD) each, while the chin rest cushions are 2,979 yen (28.70 USD). Both the Sheep Cushion and Tent Pyramid are 3,979 yen (38.30 USD), and all items can be purchased online. Start making some room in your house for these adorable Neko Atsume goods, because you’ll soon have the entire yard in real life!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.