In a world rife with crime and deceit, no one is safe — not even ordinary salarymen working 9-5 at the office. Despite having security cameras installed wherever there's the slightest risk of an act of wrongdoing, people are still able to slip through the cracks and go about their mischievous ways under cover of darkness.

It may be that Japanese Twitter user @omocha_no_uma's workplace was seeking better ways to keep its employees safe, because @omocha_no_uma was recently sent pictures from a colleague who discovered an altogether new kind of security camera installed in the ceiling of their office.

Eyes wide open so as not to miss one suspicious movement, @omocha_no_uma's colleague had in fact found a "cat security camera" poking its little head out from a hole in the ceiling. The size and shape of the hole suggests that there had been a different camera placed there previously, but it looks like they'd found an adorable replacement to get the job done.

Cute as this new guard is, there's a slight concern that it might get bored and decide to take a nap instead, or make a mess of neatly stacked piles of paper. But as long as it's on the premises, chances are high that it will deter even the most coldhearted person from making a wrong turn at the office.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.