Every year, people find solace from frigid Japanese winters with a cup of Starbucks limited edition coffee. In preparation for the cold season, 2016's new winter drinks have just been announced, with the Pecan Nut Frappuccino and the Snow Pecan Nut Latte making their onto the menu starting November 1st.

The drinks are made to look like the rooftops of gingerbread houses. The latte is topped with pecan-flavor whipped cream and crunchy pieces of pecan nuts, and sprinkled with white chocolate and caramel powder to give it an even richer flavor. The Frappuccino will have a white chocolate and pecan nut base.

After the weather gets colder, 2 more limited edition drinks will be added from November 10th:

The Gingerbread Latte and the Crispy Gingerbread Frappuccino.

These two are the masterpieces among all Starbucks drinks, with a 15-year history. The Gingerbread Latte is a basic combination of espresso and steamed milk with a slightly spicy flavor of gingerbread syrup and nutmeg-sprinkled whipped cream topping. The Frappuccino version tastes more like a gingerbread cookie drink, with plenty of crunchy biscuits pieces sitting on top.

The limited edition winter drinks will be available only from November 1st until December 25th in Japan. Oddly enough, limited edition drinks sometimes don’t appear on the menu, so as a small tip, you might want to just say your order at the counter. In a way, it'll feel like you're getting a hidden drink from Santa.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.