Ice cream is not just for kids, it’s for everyone. Popular ice cream brand Haagen Dazs has the same mentality, and is ready to release their new Rum Raisin flavor for this upcoming winter. By selecting California-grown, naturally sweet raisins and soaking them into rum, they were able to create a refined flavor enveloped in the magnificent mellow aroma of the alcohol. Combined with the thick Haagen-Daz ice cream, the Rum Raisin ice cream cup is an upscale dessert that will take you to a whole other dimension of the sweets experience.

The Rum Raisin flavor will be available in supermarkets and convenient stores from December 6th. It is listed to have 1.6% alcohol from the mixture of rum. This special limited edition is expected to run out fast, so don’t forget to grab a bite if you happen to be in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.