Even lizards need a soft cuddle buddy to take naps with. Luckily for Nuts, the adorable savannah monitor of Kana (@botan242424), there's a fluffy stuffed toy just its size.

It looks like Nuts has found a lifelong friend in Kana's little stuffed alpaca doll, and has already proven that their bond is impenetrable. In fact, the two are almost inseparable, as Kana witnessed during Nuts' recent naps. Evidently pleased with the presence of its new pal, Nuts decided to cling onto the stuffed alpaca with pure joy, ultimately falling asleep with it clutched closely to its side.


Source: @botan242424


Source: @botan242424


Source: @botan242424

Even lizards need to cuddle with a stuffed toy every now and again.
This one didn't let go for a whole hour.

Even though lizards would probably be satisfied sleeping on a rock, it's heartwarming to know that even these scaly reptiles love snuggling up to something warm and soft. And while Nuts may never be able to snooze on the fluffy back of a real life alpaca, we're content knowing that it will always have its stuffed alpaca to keep it company.

As for other reptilian friends, Nuts has no shortage of; with 30 pets including frogs, tropical fish, and other reptiles, Kana has plenty of buddies to introduce to Nuts. Like this clumsy red tegu, which often seems to find itself stuck inside things all the time.

We wish this adorable family a lifetime of happiness!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.