Sometimes life in our fast-paced world can get so hectic, we forget to eat. But if it were up to any of us, we would never have to miss out on a deliciously prepared meal to fuel our energy for the rest of the day. Now, even on our busiest days, these mouthwatering iPhone cases from Village/Vanguard will keep us constantly reminded of the plate of food waiting at the end of the tunnel.

These food sample iPhone cases are compatible with iPhone6/6s, and are each crafted by food sample artisans in Japan. Even though they're not made for display at actual restaurants, the same amount of detail has gone into every case, making them genuine works of art in addition to being protective accessories. A variety of dishes have been recreated into immortal plates of plastic foods, including these Curry Rice, Soba, Mapo Tofu, and Grain cases.

Curry Rice




Mapo Tofu




Since each iPhone case is handmade, the items are in limited supply. But Village/Vanguard's online store lists even more food sample smartphone cases and accessories, so you'll never have a shortage of food (samples) in your life.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.