It’s really hard to tell how to start eating this Japanese curry plate. The dish itself is nothing too fancy, just that the rice usually found at the bottom of the plate morphs into a tall bird neck in the center, carrying a traditional “furoshiki” bag made of green veggies on its back.

This may seem like an awkward shape for curry rice, but the bird has gained fame and might soon take its spot above typical Japanese curries. The bird is a Ruroshiki Java sparrow, a character at the Kotori Cafe known to be a kind hearted bird who likes to travel, and always brings his green furoshiki bag on his trips. The Kotori cafe couldn’t think of a better way to present this adorable Java sparrow but on their menu. Perhaps not surprisingly, it became a hit.

The Furoshiki Java Sparrow Curry is limited to 10 dishes per day at the Kichijyoji store from October 22nd to 26th. If you are not able to catch the early bird, they also sell their adventerous Ruroshiki Java sparrow plushie online.

Kotori Cafe

〒181-0013 Tokyo, Mitaka, Shimorenjaku, 1 Chome−14−7

By - grape Japan editorial staff.