Japan is a treasure chest of original flavors that can only be enjoyed in the country, and now, Cold Stone Creamery in Japan has released a delightful new flavor that can only be devoured at one place in the world — the Tomei Expressway Ebina Service Area in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Gloriously named the Rich Milk Cotton Cloud, the menu's newest item is a soft serve ice cream cone wrapped delicately with sweet cotton candy. With the choice between pink or blue cotton candy, the 550 yen (5.30 USD) ice cream cone is likely to be a heavenly treat for your tastebuds.

The Rich Milk Cotton Cloud has been available since October 21st, 2016 at Ebina Service Area, but will only be on the menu for a limited time. If you have a sweet tooth that's desperately craving this amazing version of good old soft serve, you might want to plan a road trip to Kanagawa Prefecture to get a mouthwatering taste!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.