Halloween in Japan doesn't have the tradition of Trick or Treating to center around, but adventurous seasonal releases from fast food chains and a cosplay-edge in dressing up makes up for that. One thing you can also count on is for Japanese pop stars and entertainers to come together to celebrate the festivities in costume, which is what happened recently at Nippon Broadcasting's Perfect Halloween event in Yokohama.


The events name is a spin on the viral music video hit of Japanese comedy duo Oriental Radio, released and performed under the name RADIO FISH. They acted as a kickoff act and host for the event, but the main attraction appeared to be popular Japanese idol group Keyakizaka46, a sister group of Nogizaka 46. Before performing their longest set list up until now, adoring fans went crazy the group announced that if the audience did not get properly excited, they would play a Halloween trick on them.


Also joining the festivities was Chotokkyu, or Bullet Train, a Japanese boy band. They chose to get in the Halloween spirit by dressing up as their favorite characters from iconic Studio Ghibli films, and even acting in character as they rode a Cat Bus into the arena. After playing a set of seven songs, the group playfully sang a rendition of a Keyakizaka46 song, only to be chastised by Oriental Radio.


RADIO FISH then performed another round of Perfect Human in a Napoleon style getup, before teasing a mega ensemble with the entire cast at the end.


Nearly everyone in attendance came in costume, and shook a sea of glow sticks in impressive harmony to celebrate a Perfect Halloween.


By - grape Japan editorial staff.