If you are as big of a fan of ramen as Brian from Ramen Adventures, and you happen to be in Tokyo, you can now learn the secret art of creating this delicious dish first-hand.

Traveling outside of central Tokyo to the city of Fussa, Brian and Charly from 2 Min Japan arrived at a restaurant called El Dorado, which is a restaurant of the same group as Saikoro Jiraigen, another famous ramen place in Nakano. Here they took a class on how to create a bowl of ramen for beginners — and it was no easy process.


They created the broth from scratch and used meat bones to flavor it. Preparing the Chashu delicately, they seasoned the eggs and dove right into the complicated noodle making method.


Needless to say, there was a lot of tasting!


Even the presentation aspect required a high level of creativity.


But their efforts were worth it in the end, and it didn't take long for them to excitedly eat the classic Tokyo-style ramen they toiled for 6 hours to create. Now officially a ramen master, Brian took pride in the fact that he had contributed to making every element of his bowl. Although ramen may be considered fast food and can be devoured in minutes, it's clear that it takes an astounding amount of time and effort to create delicious ramen.


If you are interested in taking classes at El Dorado, follow the food master himself at Ramen Adventures to get updates.

Head over to Brian's YouTube channel for more videos!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.