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Japan is filled with stunning travel spots for every season, and if you haven't made plans for the fall season yet, Kōrankei in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture should be one of the top travel destinations on your list. Kōrankei has long been considered one of the most picturesque locations in the Chubu Region to see the changing of leaves, and for good reason — at the base of Mt. Iimori, the home of Kokakuji Temple, the leaves of 4,000 maple trees turn into a kaleidoscopic foliage of yellow, orange, and red.

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The best view of the autumn scenery can be enjoyed from mid to late November along the Tomoe River. The trees are said to have existed in the area since the 17th century, when the head priest of the Kojakuji Temple, along with the help of the locals, planted thousands of maple trees near the area of the temple.

With little direct transportation to this breathtaking spot, travelers will have to prepare for a rather cumbersome journey to get there. However, it's well worth the trip, and those who visit will be able to bask in the glorious view that can only be seen upon arrival, especially near the symbolic Taigetsukyo Bridge.

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Open until 5PM, the trees are illuminated during the evening, uncovering an entirely new view of the popular destination. Visitors can easily spend an afternoon visiting the nearby temple and walking along the river paths, savoring a day away from their hectic lives to replenish their energy. For a relaxing autumnal trip immersed in the beauty of nature, Kōrankei won't disappoint.


Address: Asukecho, Toyota, Aichi Prefecture 444-2424
Hours: 9AM〜5PM (Entry until 4:30PM), Closed Thursdays
Fee: 300 yen (3 USD)
Toyota Tourism Association Website

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