Even without much cultural reference and a total lack of trick or treating (although they make up for it with scary French Fries), Japan has a natural affinity for the costuming aspect of Halloween. One Japanese dad (with the help of his wife), who runs a YouTube channel for his video game loving twin sons Rui and Rei, helped build a family costume based off the Ninento Famicom console for an annual Halloween costume contest at the Asagaya Pearl Center--and it's absolutely awesome!

Even now, the kids love playing on the Famicom (bless their hearts), so it was easy to find inspiration for a costume the three could join together in.

So the dad designed appropriate blueprints for the costume, with him as the system and his sons are the controllers. (As usual, kids control everything.)

Two months before the competition, IT Media reports, they began making the costumes together.

After some hard but fun work, the Famicom family cosplay was ready to hit the Halloween streets of Japan.

The result is just precious.

The best part is that this is an annual family tradition, with Lego and Mario Kart costumes from previous years to boot.

Quite the collection!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.