Depending on your temperament when it comes to goofy viral hits, when it comes to Comedian Kosaka Daimaou's standup persona Pikotaro's global phenomenon song PPAP, you've either had more than your fill or you've still got it on loop. Either way, as many people in Japan continue to scratch their heads wondering how the song became such a hit, they've wasted no time in putting out a PPAP costume, one that will let you pull off the exact flamboyant look as the dancing Pikotaro. If you need a refresher course, here it is:


Source: YouTube

Courtesy of Clear Stone, an actual costume of Pikotaro's eccentric garments is set to go on sale in the latter half of November. Online shops carrying it our currently accepting for the later release. The outfit comes with the gaudy leopard print shirt, sunglasses, and a much appreciated wig. There are no pants included, but you can probably find a suitable replacement. Here's the costume.

At the moment, we haven't seen the outfit on too many shops outside of Rakuten, where it is priced at 4,849 yen ($46.43 USD). Rakuten does have a global site, although it will likely take a little time before the item gets placed in there. Failing that, a similar outfit exists on Amazon. As a last resort, some useful and priced DIY guides exist.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.