Where’s Stu shows the art of preparing matcha in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony also known as Sadou at Hisui Tokyo. The video is rich with historical facts, including the knowledge that drinking tea began 1200 years ago in Japan, for vitamins and nutrition.

Stu was presented with some traditional Japanese sweets before indulging in the bitter matcha tea. In a tatami room, a woman in a beautiful kimono brings out traditional tea making utensils; kama, mizusashi, natsume, chashaku, chasen, hishaku.

The tea maker then performs the process of tea making to Stu and his friend Warren, looks simple enough right?

From watching the YouYuber try to attempt to recreate the process, one gains a profound respect for this Japanese tradition. Everything is done with precision. Here are Stu’s steps on “How To Japanese Tea Ceremony.".

Step 1.

Pick up the chashaku with your right hand, natsume with your left hand, and open carefully.


Step 2.

Place two scoops of tea into the chawan.


Step 3.

Pick up the hishaku with your right hand, and scoop cold water into the kama.


Step 4.

Scoop water from the kama and pour around one third into the chawan.


Step 5.

Take the chasen with the right hand, steady the bowl with the left hand, and whisk the matcha well.


Step 6.

Turn the chawan twice so that the front faces away.


Step 7.

Observe as your guest thoroughly enjoys your tea.


Where’s Stu provides a wealth of information on Japanese tea ceremonies, and on a lot more interesting subjects in his other videos. Head over to his YouTube channel for more!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.