As most households in Japan don't feature dryers, hang-drying laundry and taking advantage of sunny days is the norm. There are many different reasons for this--lack of space, laundry being sometimes seen as a rewarding chore, not wanting to be wasteful, and reported advantages of sunlight for drying--but for when that everyday route fails, people simply turn to the laundromat (or coin laundry, as Japanese people call them). While most of them are friendly happy-go-lucky places that play Bossa Nova covers of J-Pop music, apparently there are some that are downright terrifying.

Japanese Twitter user Asimov0803 recently passed by this otherworldly laundromat that looks like it came right out of Silent Hill, saying "I probably wouldn't make it out alive."

This of course, lead to some parodies that probably are not too far from the reality of what lies around that creepy corner.

This then lead to some other social media users posting their own creepy experiences at laundromats. One, of course, featured a creepy doll.

The creepy poster for a nearby laundromat. I get what they were going for, but...

Sudden blackout at this laundromat turned the machines into a demonic audience.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.