This year is Dragon Ball's 30th anniversary since its first broadcast on TV, and in addition to celebrating with their first-ever Dragon ball one piece t-shirt, they are also opening Dragon Ball Cafes in three locations — the Tower Records Cafe in Shibuya, Omoteasando, and Umeda.

Many of the drinks and dishes reflect memorable segments from Dragon Ball, such as when Goku and others learned the Sakaio First technique and rode the flying Nimba during their childhood. The Dragon Ball Cafe will be open from November 1st (the Shibuya cafe will open from November 8th) until November 30th.

Fishing Chauhan Fried Rice With Kazu Sauce

Trunk's Time Travel Special Plate

Majin Boo "Turn you into candy!" Sweets Plate

Bulma's Romantic Cake / Piccolo and Gohan Parfait

Dragon Ball Latte / Turtle Mark Latte

The Ultimate Killer technique! Sakaio Fist Red Curry

The Proud Saiyan Prince Vageta Salad

Goku's Flying Nimba Pancake

By - grape Japan editorial staff.