We’d never look at Jabba the Hutt’s slug-like body and think he’s anything remotely close to appetizing, but Japanese blogger Yuki from Yukitchen has taken the vengeful boss of the criminal underworld and turned him into a mouthwatering dish of shepherd’s pie.

In her blog, Yuki shares that Jabba’s huge belly looked like it was “filled with secrets,” an idea that eventually prompted her to recreate him as a shepherd’s pie — and a vegan shepherd’s pie at that. While we highly doubt that the real Jabba’s stomach was filled with delicious, healthy vegetables, Yuki’s meat-free take on the British dish just might have the culinary potential to satisfy the evil crime boss.

Using twice the typical amount of mashed potatoes (she was making Jabba, after all), Yuki built his silhouette on the vegetable-filled pie, and used matcha powder to give him his green color. Using cut seaweed to draw his face, she succeeded in creating a Jabba the Hutt that looks like he just stepped out of the movie screen. What’s more, he looks like he’d been sitting there comfortably for light years.

Click here for the complete recipe, or visit Yuki’s blog for even more recipes featuring your favorite characters. If you can’t bear the thought of omitting the meat from your pie, you can always make a traditional shepherd’s pie and follow her steps to make Jabba the Hutt.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.