The 2016 rendition of Halloween has finally hit around the world, and while the streets of Shibuya typically go nuts on the night of the witch, this year bad weather motivated costuming Halloween party-goers to show up early. It turns out they didn't need much extra motivation, as super talented cosplayers turned out in droves for this year's early Halloween.

The fashion-driven district of Shibuya has been always the main spotlight for Halloween events in Japan, causing roads (including around its famous crossing) to be officially blocked for the event to take place. Although many complain about left over trash and drunken train antics, the unofficial Halloween gathering seems to grow every year with monster crowds.



This year’s popular costume themes seems a lot less scary than previous years, with many costumers opting for characters like Pikachu, Ghost Busters, Sucker Punch, and couple popular anime and manga themed cosplays which could be seen among the more ghoulish gathered for the event.


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By - grape Japan editorial staff.