It’s Halloween! A special moment where anyone can dress up to scare people! But even so, this little kid at a Halloween party at a kindergarten in Taiwan wants to be the friendly No-Face, the mysterious character from Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away, who kindly gives out candies to others (a fitting trait for the holiday), and pulled off a great costume!

According to her mother in a Facebook post, the little girl, named Momo Lu, had such a powerful costume that other children didn't recognize her and began to cry. While that may be one scary trick, the viral attention these pictures are getting are a worthy Halloween treat.

However, it looks like someone refused the candy...

The little girl who encountered little No-Face burst in to tears, and seems like little No-Face has no clue of what just happened. Anyway, we hope she's recovered without further nightmares. It sounds like Momo's dream of becoming No-Face for Halloween not only came true, but has brought her some internet fame as well!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

wikia / facebook/한석범 / Facebook Elmo