As endearing as he proves to be in Spirited Away, No Face has the powerful ability to scare the bejeezus out of kids and adults. But Japanese Twitter user @lionifuly recently came across the most terrifying version of No Face of all — one racing at top speed down the highway on a motorcycle.


Source: @lionifuly

Driving innocently down the road one day, @lionifuly glanced in the sideview mirror to see No Face crouching over a bike, black cape flapping fiercely in the wind and gaining on her car. Surely the rider was just trying to get to their destination like everyone else, but that didn't change the fact that No Face was traveling faster than anyone had ever seen him travel before. Needless to say, it was quite the terrifying moment for the drivers ahead of him, although assuming that the mask is part of the helmet, it's a brilliant way to protect the head and freak everyone in close vicinity at the same time.

With the original post garnering over 85,000 retweets, it's pretty clear that although it looks like a scene from a horror remake of Spirited Away, people all over the country are hoping they'll one day get to see this beloved character on a bike with their very own eyes.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.