We've all daydreamed at one point or another of swimming in a pool of our favorite foods, whether it's meatball spaghetti, tacos, or chocolate cake. Now, this secret desire can finally be acted out on a slightly smaller scale in our own bathtubs. Just pour a packet of Dashi Bath Powder from Village/Vanguard into the water!

The Dashi Bath Powders come in six different scents: Miso Soup, Chige Hot Pot, Yakisoba, Ramen, Beef Bowl, and Curry. When poured into a tub of hot water, they'll give off a mouthwatering fragrance of your choice of food. Note that these bath salts are not edible, even though they will be making you hungry for a delicious bowl of ramen or curry.

As delightful as the scents are, hopefully their smell won't linger too long after you've taken your bath. Your dogs might suddenly start showing you affection like never before, but other human noses in the house likely won't appreciate you smelling like a hot plate of yakisoba.

Those curious can purchase the bath salts online or at Village/Vanguard retails shops for 324 yen (3.12 USD).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.