They say the more the merrier, and it especially rings true when there are fluffy bunnies involved. Popo the rabbit is quite the celebrity on the Japanese twitterverse, but her human/manga artist @ichthy0stega found that even this popular ball of fur loves the company of a few furry friends.

Apparently, Popo was wandering around the house when she found a pair of slippers that looked just like her. Unable to think of a more perfect place to chill for a while, she sat down next to them, cuddling the hours away.

She definitely thinks they’re her friends.

From some of the responses @ichthy0stega has been receiving on Twitter, it looks like these fluffy bunny slippers are prone to attracting their animal counterparts.

When Popo isn’t hanging out with her new friends, though, she’s actually busy being the inspiration of @ichthy0stega’s adorable manga series, in which she stars as one of the main rabbit characters. Who knows, maybe her new adventures with the bunny slippers will become the next big story in the manga.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.