Last year we had the pleasure of sharing German filmmaker Vincent Urban's "In Japan", a sensational and inviting exploration of Japan that garnered over two million views. Now the talented traveler and artist in teaming up with the Japan National Tourism Organization as part of the Visit Japan project, which seeks to fuse the hallmarks of innovation and longstanding tradition in Japan as an appeal to visitors for a unique experience.


This new video, "JAPAN - Where Tradition Meets The Future", lives up to its name and more, as it may be one of the best visual representations of Japan to this date. The video-journey captures Japan's fascinating patchwork of buzzing and sprawling metropolises with serene countryside areas and traditional practices.

Featured are "the majestic nature of the Dorokyo gorge in Wakayama prefecture, the imposing appearance of the Great Buddha hall in the historic Todaiji temple in Nara prefecture, a video arcade in Akihabara, a robot from the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), the rites of people who are passing on traditions such as the tea ceremony or archery, and modern everyday life such as Don Quijote or Yokocho. Over a runtime of three minutes, bustle and noise is shown hand in hand with silence", as the official press release states.


The official video website features an interactive action, where users can pause the video at anytime to find out information about the locations shown, so those hoping to travel to Japan will want to check that out. Here's the YouTube version. (please watch in high quality!)

One of the best parts about the video is you can pause anytime to find out more about the beautiful scenery you are looking at.

Nachi Falls



ASIMO the robot

Tokyo Nightfall

Kyudo (Japanese Archery)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.