Sushi rolls are a popular and relatively easy version of sushi, and the best part is, there aren’t any rules regarding what combination of ingredients you decide to roll up. But Chef Davy Devaux of How To Make Sushi is introducing yet another way to get your creative culinary juices flowing, with the simple idea of cutting the nori (dried seaweed) into beautiful patterns.


Source: YouTube

As elaborate as the patterns may seem, the execution is as simple as the idea itself. Chef Devaux uses an ordinary paper punch to stamp out various patterns and wraps the decorated nori around the rolls as usual. This new spin on sushi rolls is perfect for parties and kids, and you’ll only have to spend a few extra minutes making them.


Source: YouTube

There are many more "how to make sushi" videos on Chef Devaux's YouTube channel, where you can learn how to easily create beautiful sushi masterpieces. But for now, all you need is a paper punch and some creative inspiration. Watch the video below for the full instructions!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.