Bags and smart phone pick up wear and tear over the year, so it doesn't hurt to use ones made out of reliable material. While super protective material would end up being too bulky, you can at least settle for the sturdy offerings that Japanese company Gyoku is making. The company specializes in crafting satchels and bags with distinctly Japanese motifs, and this case, the aesthetic of samurai armor.

The goods are actually made of leather, but come with the plated armor style that Japanese samurai warriors were noted for on the battlefield. You don't see the style incorporated much into modern fashion (it's based on armor, after all), creator Gyoku company is putting an effort into incorporating it as a motif among their many goods, some of which are these awesome bags and pouches.

And so as on this Buffalo leather belt.

The Samurai armor satchel sells at 33,264 yen at Japanese oddity shop and book store Village/Vanguard, but Gyoku also uses online craft shop Creema to sell their goods. Unfortunately, they seem to be selling only domestically at the moment

By - grape Japan editorial staff.