These four colorful spheres may look like decor, but they are actually chocolates made by Japanese fruit shop Sembikiya. Each of them beautifully represents one of the four different seasons in Japan.

Known for their high level of detail in their colors and texture, as well as taste and smells, Sembikiya consecutively won first place at the Salon Du Chocolat event, the highest honorable chocolate event that welcomed over 100 participating brands. Sembikiya entered with these seasonal chocolate balls called Irodori (彩り), meaning "colorful."

Semibkiya is located in Ginza, Tokyo with plenty of franchises around Japan. The store actually isn’t a chocolate store and is best known for its expensive fruits and fruit-based menu often bought as gifts for special occasions. Their melons, for example, cost about 8,000 (78 USD) yen each.

So of course, the insides of the Irodori chocolates are filled with tasty fruits.

Spring / Berry

Summer / Peach

Fall / Kuri (Chestnut)

Winter / Kumquat

The beautiful Irodori chocolates have been on sale since November 7th, with a limit of only 100 orders available in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.