Among Japan's pet-themed cafes, cat cafes reign supreme. There are so many around the country that cat cafes with different themes have come up, such as cafes where you can adopt and take care of sick felines, as well as super luxurious kitty cafes. Nekoya, however, seems to have a love for Japanese fiction and pop culture, as they carry a manga library for visitors and frequently post pictures of their cat staff in very fitting cosplay.

Studio Ghibli favorites

Nekoya has two locations in Saitama prefecture, one in Omiya and one in Kawagoe, and while many outside of Japan have reservations about cat cafes, Nekoya has wide open spaces for the cats to roam and seems to be operated by the owners of the felines. We have a feeling the cats don't stay dressed up in cosplay during the cafe's open hours, but Nekoya frequently Tweets out pictures of their feline staff donning some pretty cute costumes. Here's a few popular samples.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.