Japan's next big holiday of the year is Christmas, and the festivities have already begun as storefronts and streets are slowly being decorated with lights, ribbons, and wreaths. Even ordinary items are spreading the Christmas spirit, like the limited edition Coca-Cola Ribbon bottle now available in Japan.

Though the bottle looks like every other Coca-Cola bottle out there, the label actually has a nifty pull tab design that lets you instantly tie a big pretty bow on your Coke. By pulling on the tab, the label will reveal a hidden decorative side underneath. It's the perfect way to spread a little bit of joy during the Christmas season, and will make a charming last-minute gift.

While it looks like the Christmas Ribbon bottle hasn't yet made it to the states, it first made its appearance in Western Europe last year before arriving in Japan for winter 2016. Many are in genuine admiration of this festive bottle, and it certainly won't be long before we see people pulling on their Coca-Cola labels to enjoy its magically satisfying transformation.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.