You'd never see a bear getting attacked by a herd of rabbits in the wild, but at Kahoku Children's Zoo in Yamagata Prefecture, the tables have turned and the frightening predator has become prey to the furry creatures; at least, in the shape of a comically carved pumpkin, which just so happens to be one of the rabbits' favorite foods.

@ponkichikachan was at the zoo with her kids when she saw one of the zookeepers swiftly carve out a face of an unhappy bear into a giant pumpkin, and place it in the middle of the herd. It was not long until they formed a circle around their delicious treat, devouring it rapidly without a moment's hesitation.

The humorous eating frenzy turned into a mini-performance for the zoo's guests that benefited everyone involved, especially the adorable rabbits who at the end of the day went to bed with their stomachs full and satisfied.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.