Nothing can come between the love of a boy and his cat, especially not homework. Japanese Twitter user and mom Akari captured sentiment perfectly in this video posted to Twitter of her son Eita studying math. Unfortunately, their pet cat has taken up the feline habit of lying on top of whatever else could be competing with them for attention. However, instead of setting the cat aside, Eita diligently works to solve his math problems while gently maneuvering around the cat, taking time to hold the cat's paw and pet it while studies.

"He's in the middle of studying. A spoiled cat. The human that dotes on it so much they can't move it. Everyday is like this."

You can hear a laughing Akari suggest, "You can just move the cat!" but Eita is undeterred, doing his best to get through his studies while not disturbing (and even satisfying) the cat. It might be a pain in the neck for some, but maybe kids have the purest understanding of how to deal with things peacefully.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.