For even the most mundane things in life — like a plain egg omelette — if there's room for it to be kawaii, you can bet Japan will find a way to make it cuter than ever. Apparently, Japanse social media sites have been hit with a wave of polka dot omelettes, a trend that is turning the plain yellow omelette into a charming dish of yellow and white patterns.

The ease with which creative cooks can make a polka dot omelette is perhaps one of the reasons for this latest trend on sites like Twitter and Instagram. First, the egg yolk and egg white are separated, and the yolk is cooked first. Then, circles, hearts, or any desired pattern is cut out from the cooked yolk. The egg white is poured over the layer of yolk and cooked again. When flipped over, the cooked layer of egg should be adorned with white polka dots.

Though the texture might turn out slightly different from your usual omelette, it's a cute experiment to try out in the kitchen next time you're looking to serve a slice of surprise.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.