Nissin Cup Noodles not only has a reputation for continually churning out adventurous flavors with their popular instant noodle products, but also advertising them with some very memorable commercials. Whether it be as a reliable dietary staple of University students or just a satisfying no-hassle meal, the Cup Noodles brand has boomed well outside of Japan, so Nissin has now set their sights on reaching foreign noodle-lovers with a new global commercial featuring seven top-level extreme sports athletes clad in samurai armor displaying their talents.

Yes, he's skiing with katana.

Filmed in different countries, professional athletes clad in traditional samurai armor perform tricks and feats of physical talent in seven different sports: surfing, skateboarding, BMX, skiing, slack line, pogo stick, and freestyle football. These are performances difficult enough in their own right, but done in bulky and cumbersome armor not exactly made for jumping and twisting around, they're absolutely amazing. Take a look below!

Surfing Samurai

Slack Line Samurai

BMX Samurai

Sakteboard Samurai

Freestyle Football Samurai

Pogo Samurai

By - grape Japan editorial staff.