Named a Living National Treasure in Japan in 1956, artist Hasui Kawase changed the world of ukiyo-e woodblock paintings and hanga prints as one of the most prominent print designers of the shin-hanga (new prints) movement. Now almost 60 years since his death in 1957, his works are in the public domain and are available for free download.


Throughout his artistic career from the Taisho to Showa Periods, Kawase’s artwork mostly consisted of landscapes and townscape prints of areas he traveled to throughout Tokyo and the rest of Japan. 100 of such works appear in two art books that can now easily be purchased on iBooks, allowing traditional Japanese art enthusiasts to keep their favorite paintings with them at all times.

Below is just a handful of the paintings available for free download:


Source: Hasui Kawase

Both books containing the paintings can be downloaded on all Apple devices through iTunes. Get the first collection here, and the second collection here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.