One of the focal points of Godzilla movies is undoubtedly the transformation of the King of Monsters himself, the numerous variations of his form revealed over the span of decades. But it’s not only in the movies that Godzilla can be appreciated in all his monstrosity. Even in the realm of traditional origami art, his unique features help make his presence known to all that pass him by — especially when his entire body is made from just one piece of origami paper.

After two months of trial and error, @ori2ga3mi finally succeeded in folding an origami model of Godzilla from the movie Godzilla Resurgence (Shin Gojira) in form 4. Making hundreds of folds into a piece of black rectangular paper, the final result was an incredibly realistic version of the formidable monster.


Source: @ori2ga3mi

Complex origami projects like this require a full blueprint to plan out their design, and there was nothing simple about the blueprint of @ori2ga3mi’s paper Godzilla. Even with the plan, it took several failed attempts to make the perfect origami monster.

Did we mention this was made with just one piece of paper? The full extent of the laboriousness of the project is hard to imagine, but with a final result as epic as this, we're glad @ori2ga3mi plowed through the complicated process.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.