It's not secret that Japan boasts incredibly delicious seafood delicacies, but tracking them all down in one trip can require a Herculean effort for even the most dedicated of foodies. Thankfully the Japan Fisherman's Festival in Hibiya park this weekend (it runs November 17th-20th) is giving attendees a chance to sample high quality seafood dishes from all over Japan, from Okinawa to Hokkaido!

If you like crab, this is the place to be!


We headed over to Hibiya park in Tokyo yesterday to sample famous seafood dishes from all over Japan, and we were definitely not disappointed. In Japan, freshness of seafood isn't always prioritized as a key to a dish, but we were very impressed at just how fresh and delicious seafood made on the spot at food stalls could be. Expected to draw more than 100,000 attendees over the span of four days, the event features some absolutely delicious seafood delicacies and staple dishes that aren't usually accessible in Tokyo.

Ayu (sweetfish) is a Japanese festival favorite, freshly grilled and salted.


"Spill over" Ikura-don was the star of the show.


Takoyaki flipped and cooked so fast you could miss it if you blinked!


Tired of fish? No worries! Wild Boar sausage from the Izu peninsula offers a meaty changeup.


If you're in Tokyo this weekend, make sure to drop by Hibiya park to experience the second annual Japan Fisherman's Festival, where quality rare seafood and fantastic choices of beer, sake, and wine to pair with are in celebratory abundance!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.