Having a hard time saving money? Pikachu could give you a hand to fix that problem. Japanese company Shine makes coin banks to help children (and adults) learn the importance of saving money, using colorful box designs themed after popular characters. This time, they collaborated with Nintendo to add the Pikachu Pokébox to their coin bank collection.

Whenever you put a coin on the yellow circular pad..

Pikachu will show his cute charm by popping his head out and using his hand to collect the coin. The pad size is fairly big, so it should safely accommodate coins of various currencies.

When collecting your money, Pikachu will also greet you with a bright and happy “Pika-chu!!” that will melt your heart in a beat.

You can find the Pikachu coin bank on Amazon for 3,100 yen (US $30). It is currently listed as the number 1 best selling item of its category at Amazon, so get it before it's all gone!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.